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2019 marks the 35th anniversary of the founding of MDF Training and Consultancy. Our goal is to bring together our clients, alumni, and MDF employees to celebrate, to share ideas, and to form a stronger MDF network for professional relationships for the future.

Bringing our clients and many employees together, makes it even clearer that our company represents the passion and commitment to build a vibrant future and make the world a better place. That is what makes us unique and successful. We believe that this memorable celebration will keep us energized all through 2019 and well into the New Year.

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Global Celebrations

Wow! 35 Years of empowering people and creating impact! This milestone deserves to be celebrated. During 2019 and 2020, we will be hosting several events to celebrate our 35th anniversary and to salute our clients and partners for bringing us this far. So join us in the celebrations which will include the following:

  • The launch in January 2020 of the MDF Scholarship challenge. This is a special social media competition where you can win free scholarships for training courses of your choice. Read more about the contest here.
  • Ongoing hospitality events in Africa, Asia and Europe. We will be hosting our clients and alumni to celebrate 35 years of bringing positive change globally, and to thank you for your continued support. We’ll keep you posted on upcoming events in your region filled with live music, great food and warm people!

Stay tuned on the latest 35th anniversary updates by subscribing to our newsletter or follow us on Facebook , LinkedIn or Twitter. Meantime, we will be happy to hear from you so please feel free to contact us on the on the email addresses provided below.

The first event was organized in the Netherlands in November and this is what it looked like


In 1984 Henk van Loo, an expert in international co-operation noticed the strong focus on technical expertise in international development projects. However, he found that the managerial expertise to successfully run projects and achieve sustainable results was missing. Henk figured that by offering support in this field, international co-operation could reach higher levels. Using his entrepreneurial spirit he developed project management trainings and found the perfect location to offer these at his parents’ hotel in the forests of Ede, the Netherlands. The organisation was given its name 'Management for Development Foundation', in short 'MDF'. Read More

Our Assignments

Please have a look at some of the greatest and most memorable projects that we have we worked on worldwide in our four areas of expertise since we started operations in 1984:

Training and Consultancy

  1. Integrating water, sanitation and hygiene into the curriculum of the College of Agriculture (CAGRIC) in Ghana. Read more…
  2. Capacity building for Cowtribe staff. Read more…
  3. Training to improve water sanitation and hygiene (WASH) in DRC. Read more…
  4. Co-creating a worldwide e-learning platform - Change the Game. Read more…
  5. Improving personal effectiveness, leadership and coaching skills for UNMISS staff. Read more…


  1. Developing township profiles for UNICEF’s QBEP programme. Read more…
  2. Value for money assessment for five GiZ projects in Myanmar. Read more…
  3. Impact evaluation of the Paths to Safer Childhood project in Ethiopia. Read more…
  4. Revising the monitoring system of AgriProFocus. Read more…
  5. Baseline study for the Down to Zero Alliance programme. Read more…


  1. Bridging the Digital Gap: Read more…
  2. Modernising land administration in Benin. Read more…
  3. Reducing conflict by increased water management in the Virunga area. Read more…
  4. Strengthening of Agricultural Vocational Education in Myanmar. Read more…
  5. Training of 90 countries on the European Development Fund. Read more…

Contest (Win FREE training courses!)

We are giving away free training courses during the months of January, February and March through the MDF Scholarship competition. The competition focuses on our slogan ‘Empowering people, creating impact’, and encourages you to share your story on how you would generate social impact by bringing about positive change in your community.

The competition is open to everyone who is fluent in English, has been working for an organisation for at least one year, has an ability to travel, and is willing to share your MDF experience on social media. You can make your submission either as a written article, a short video or a graphic representation. Fill out the entry form and submit it no later than 31st March 2020. There will be a total of 9 winners, with 3 winners being selected from each region. The winning entries will be announced at the end of April 2020.

For more information or to enter the competition, please visit the competition page here.

MDF 35 Years Anniversary


You can view our 2020 open entry training calendars - Africa calendar English, Africa calendar French, Asia calendar, Europe calendar. You can also visit the MDF website here for more information about MDF Training & Consultancy and for updates on other 35th-anniversary celebration activities that we are organizing around the world.
If you have any questions about this challenge, please feel free to contact the marketing officer in your respective region using the email addresses provided below.
Good luck and see you at one of our courses in 2020!

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35th Anniversary

We are really excited! 2019 marks the 35th-anniversary of the founding of MDF Training & Consultancy. The MDF brand represents the passion and commitment of an entire community to build a vibrant future and make the world a better place.

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